Hearts of Iron IV Entwicklertagebuch 20 - Sowjetunion

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Hearts of Iron IV Entwicklertagebuch 20 - Sowjetunion

Beitragvon Chromos » 14. August 2015 10:59

Ein neuer Eintrag..
Johan hat geschrieben:Hello, and welcome back to the forums after the summer holidays.

Today we’ll take a look at the Soviet Union and the Communism Ideology. I guess we don’t have to teach you guys about where the Soviet Union is on the map.

The Soviet Union starts with the risk of Trotskyite plot, giving -20% National Unity, and also being the Home of the Revolution, which is a solid +50% defence against non-communist influence. They are communist, and thus have no elections. There is a fair amount of selection in each aspect of goverment for them.


The Soviet Union have 138 divisions in the 1936 start, but they are mostly infantry, with a few “mechanized” divisions, which is mostly light tanks & trucks. The Soviet Army is pretty average at the start, but due to their doctrine tree, they start with a higher reinforce chance than others.

As you can see on the screenshot below, we have truly dumbed down the game, and made all those hidden values we have in the game visible, with tooltips explaining them in details.


Soviet Union have an interesting focus tree, which you can see part of is in this screenshot, with 5 different paths to progres down.

Five Year Plan - Leads to various things building up Infrastructure and Industry.
Stalin Constitution - Which amongst other things gives you better research.
Anti-Fascist Diplomacy - Lets you move borders and eventually destroy the fascists.
Anti-Capitalist Diplomacy - Is a naval and mediterranean focus
The Great Purge - Gives benefits later for penalties early.


Actions of communist countries have less of an impact on World Tension when declaring wars and expanding their factions. They are also allowed to puppet countries through wars, and are not limited about when they can send expeditionary forces. It is also cheaper for communists to puppet other countries.

Next week, we'll talk a bit about combat.

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